The Dram Club is a platform that endeavours to bring whisky enthusiasts & aficionados together and create a community for people to enjoy their whiskies. It has been started by two young professionals Vinayak Singh, an Investment Manager at a Wealth Firm  and Swati Sharma, Marketing lead at a Start-up. Both of them have been Whisky aficionados for a while with an interesting story of their tryst with the world of whiskies.

For Vinayak it was Al Pacino’s character in Scent of a Woman that got him hooked to a Jack Daniels until one day his landlord in Paris offered him a dram of the Chivas 18. It was a revelation like no other. The richness and the smooth lingering finish of the Chivas 18 worked like a charm. It’s been a decade since then and Vinayak is still exploring the world of whiskies. For Swati it wasn’t as “romantic”. A usual Friday night out with some friends after work and the conversation landed on everyone’s go to drink. One of her friends who was sipping his regular, the Lagavulin 16, nudged her to try it after she said she’s been trying to develop a taste for whiskies but hasn’t quite liked the ones she’s tired so far. The perfectly balanced peated beauty from Islay was a delight. So much so that to this day, 3 years since that Friday night out, Lagavulin 16 is still one of her must have expressions.

During our travels, we avidly collect unique and rare expressions to try amongst ourselves. The deeper we have delved into the world of whiskies, the more startled it has left us. Our love passion and curiosity for whiskies took us to Scotland in February 2019, where they visited a lot of Distilleries in the Scottish Highlands. While we tasted and explored a lot of expressions, our biggest discovery was the Balblair Distillery. A quaint little Distillery tucked in the highlands is about an hour drive from Inverness and is home to some of the best vintage single malts. Sitting in their tasting room is where the idea of The Dram Club came to life.

The thought was very simple. We are a country that loves drinking whiskies. Almost half of the whisky in the world is consumed by Indians in volume terms. And yet the choice of Whiskies available is very limited. We thought, just like we love tasting new and unique expressions and learning the story behind each of them, there must be others who want to talk and share about their experiences and whisky stories. Hence the inception of The Dram Club. It will act as a platform where they will host whisky enthusiasts through a curated tasting session which will have whiskies and expressions. The conversations will be through stories and anecdotes rather than a more formal tasting room session. It will be a platform to bring rare and unique expressions to its guests either through the Whisky manufacturers or through other enthusiasts who want to use the opportunity and share their passion.

We started with tasting events at The Dram Club on 1st of March and we have hosted numerous sessions in Mumbai since then. The themes have varied across from regions to aged statements to no age exclusives.

Questions like what will pair well, a cheese a chocolate or even a nut are left opened ended. It is for the guests to experiment with the various nibbles and Whisky pairings and form their own opinions. Ofcourse, suggestions and recommendations are shared some times hidden in the narrative or sometimes just upfront on the table.

At The Dram Club we endeavour to create and grow a community of whisky lovers through experiential tastings and knowledge sharing. To experience one of our events, click on the events tab